Petopvilla™ Cat Scratching Post With Hanging Ball

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Product Size:

Size M --15.75"*9.45"  (40*24cm)
Size L --18.11"*9.45"  (46*24cm)

🐱 Irresistible Scratching Paradise: Say goodbye to shredded furniture! Our scratching post offers an enticing texture that cats can't resist sinking their claws into, promoting healthy scratching habits and saving your precious upholstery.

🐱 Playful Hanging Ball: The fun never stops! Your curious cat will be captivated by the dangling ball, encouraging playful swats and satisfying their curious nature. Watch as they engage in endless entertainment!

🐱 Sturdy and Durable: Built to withstand even the most enthusiastic scratchers, our cat scratching post boasts a robust and stable construction, ensuring it stands tall amidst all the feline frenzy.

🐱 Space-Saving Design: Perfect for any room, our compact and space-saving design allows you to place the scratching post wherever your cat loves to roam and stretch their paws.

🐱 Stress Relief and Happiness: Provide your feline friend with a sanctuary for relaxation and stress relief. Scratching is not just a grooming ritual; it's also a way for cats to release tension and stay emotionally balanced.

🐱 Easy Assembly: No hassle, no fuss! With simple assembly instructions, you can quickly set up the scratching post and have your cat purring with delight in no time.

Treat your furry companion to the ultimate scratching and playtime haven with our Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Ball. Keep their claws happy and your home intact, all while creating a joyful and healthy environment for your beloved feline. Upgrade your cat's world today! 🐾😺

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