3 in 1 Cat Scratch Post

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🍄3 IN 1 CAT POST: Are you looking for a product that will satisfy your cat's hunting and scratching needs? Do you want to protect your furniture from damage by your cats? If that's the case, our 3-in-1 cat scratching post is exactly what you need! This multifunctional post makes a perfect solution for any pet owner who's looking to provide their cat with a way to satisfy their natural instincts.

🍄KEEPS YOUR CATS ACTIVE: This double interactive track with 8 balls provides exciting movement and fun for your cat to pounce on and catch. The sisal mushroom is designed to keep your kitty’s claws sharp and healthy. Finally, there is a small feather with an embedded bell that moves back and forth and will make your cat jump around like a wild animal.

🍄STURDY DESIGN, EASY MAINTENANCE: Made from natural solid wood, making it an attractive item for your home. Adorned with soft and thick-grade glued sisal that is tough enough to withstand scratching. The sturdy base ensures stable footing, making this cat toy extremely difficult to overturn. Please wipe down the scratcher regularly to clean off dust, hair, and dander that can be found on any surface surrounding the scratch post.

🍄REDUCES DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOUR: This 3-in-1 activity center provides cats with the perfect combination of exercise, fun and mentally stimulating games. The cat tower post reduces stress caused by scratching, relieving owners of the need to spend money buying new furniture or having to give extra attention to their cats when they're anxious/hyperactive, or bored.

🍄EASY INSTALLATION: Just follow these simple steps — insert the screws from underneath the base to install the sisal rope pillar, stick non-slip pads underneath the base, and then slide the suction cups onto the base and install a feather toy on it. All installation tools are included in the package. The product comes in an elegant packaging box, making it a perfect gift for indoor cats.

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