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Stories about Petopvilla

The story of Peouna originates from a disastrous flood. In that flood, a lovely Bichon Frise and his owner tragically got separated. Although the Bichon fortunately survived, he was left to wander as a stray without his owner. Gradually, he grew thin and weak, plagued by illness.

However, in his most helpless moment, he encountered a stranger who called out to him. This stranger took him home and provided the care and treatment he needed. Over time, the Bichon's health gradually improved, and a close bond formed between him and the stranger.

To protect the Bichon from further harm, the stranger began designing a product that could safeguard the dog's well-being. Realizing that many other pets also needed similar protection, the stranger established the Peouna brand.

Since then, Peouna has been dedicated to providing high-quality protective products for pets. Inspired by the Bichon Frise's story, the founder of Peouna continuously develops innovative products to ensure that every pet receives optimal care and protection.

Peouna is not just a pet brand; it is a story of love and hope. The founder aims to create a warm and safe home for every pet through their products and efforts. Whether facing adversity or challenges, Peouna firmly believes that every pet deserves the best care and nurturing.